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Fuckin' Foreigner

Fuckin' Foreigner

Author: Igor Ilić

Editorial Reviews

"Praise for Fuckin' Foreigner"
This intriguing novel shines a light on the challenges and triumphs of immigrants to this country at a time when the subject makes headlines daily. Chapter after chapter, Igor Ilic shows the good and the bad of his first experiences in the U.S., with candid emotion and humor.
Linda, San Francisco, CA

Fucking foreigner is a brutally honest story about a man who took his chances to start a new chapter of his life in the USA. It offers a humorous and authentic insight into the ups and downs of trying to succeed in a completely foreign country. A fun and informative read!
Pia Katalinic , New York, NY

Igor Ilic’s memoir is the story of a Croatian veteran who emigrates to America in hope of a better life. This hearfelt and often gritty tale recounts the challenges and the joys of being a stranger in a strange land, striving to build a new life while attempting to gain freedom from his debts back home.
Sara, Los Angeles, CA