a book by Igor Ilić

Fuckin' Foreigner

Fuckin' Foreigner: Igor Ilic Welcomes You To America!
In his first novel, Igor Ilic tells a story full of wit and hard-boiled realism. Drawing on facts and events from his own life, Ilic beckons his readers into the world of the "fuckin' foreigner". Besides, here is another literary character on a quest to find the American dream. But not one easily forgotten. We are introduced to the Croat Igor and venture with him from Croatia to Las Vegas and to San Francisco Bay Area as he chases the mirage of the American Dream. We are with Igor as he struggles to obtain an immigration visa, get a job and learn to speak fluent English. Pressured by the harsh reality of debt, poor wages and unemployment, our 31 year old hero of this novel is more than just another great American novel's vagabond. He is a reminder of Umberto Eco's mantra that a real hero is a hero by mistake. Ilic's "Fuckin' Foreigner" is a fascinating introduction to the hardships and challenges of American illegal immigrant life and its everyday heroes that is hard to ignore and hard to put down.